Many people appreciate our Bike Trials shows because we are seen as role models for youth. We promote cycling safety a lot by putting a lot of importance on proper protection while doing extreme sports. We stress the fact that it is important to know one’s limit in order to practice such sports and activities safely.

But most importantly, we encourage the youth to get involved as much as they can in the opportunities and activities they can find. We encourage them to live their lives to the fullest. We use the examples of our own lives as our involvement in the sport of Bike Trials really has traced our life paths. We can see the results today. So we try to transmit this energy to youth. They leave us motivated, with the desire to move and make things move around them.

Being alive means being thirsty for projects.”

The goal of Bike Trials is to overcome obstacles on a bicycle. We have to stand up again when we fall and try again until we go through the established course.

We believe we can transpose everything that Bike Trials teaches us into our daily lives. That way, when difficulties arise on our path, we work hard to overcome them just the way we do it in Bike Trials. If we fall, we know we must always rise again until we can overcome the challenge. The LiveYourLife seminar as done by professional riders Gabriel Rancourt and Elliott Verreault is not only an exhibition of a novel sport unheard of, it always represents a powerful medium to create a favourable climate to meaningful communication with youth. After the show, children like adults are touched by our energy and the positive message we bring to the community.

Some youth need this kind of role model in order to grow - grow in the fulfillment of their dreams - and also to know that every single one of us has an unlimited potential.

“The only limits are the ones we put for ourselves”

Life can sometimes be a great path filled with obstacles that are hard to overcome. Our goal is to give to young people the hope that will bring them the strength to always rise up again and truly live their lives to the fullest.


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